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Make it intimate. Make it immediate. Make it creative.

That's what made radio so powerful in the first place.

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Why Radio Advertising is effective

Radio is still huge. 90% of the UK population tune in every week. It's also targeted, with more than 300 stations across the country that represent virtually every audience type you can imagine.

The rise of apps, digital TV stations and online listen again features mean that radio has evolved with the times, but its still maintained what made it so powerful in the first place; its intimacy, immediacy and creativity.

We want to help your brand embrace those three pillars, with engaging and personal work that's easy to remember and hard to forget.


When you work with us, you get in depth strategic advice that goes further than simply which radio stations to book your spots on.

Our media, advertising and branding experts can help you build a long-term vision for your brand that goes beyond a spreadsheet.

We want to work with you to really understand your business objectives, and help you surpass them with innovative campaign work and creative cross-platform media buying that not only finds your audience, but also speaks to them on their own terms.

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Radio Planning and buying airtime

With more than 300 stations around the UK, we can target by age, location, gender, music genre, time of day and even jeans size. Ok, maybe not jeans size, but you get the idea.

That means sometimes the airtime buying can be just as creative as the content we run. Our approach is based on the function of your campaign, the structure of the plan and the tailoring of the creative work.

Every plan is bespoke, and we constantly monitor and optimise to make sure what you get is cost-effective, with real results.

Radio sponsorship & promotions

Radio sponsorship and promotions can take you beyond traditional advertising spots and into the radio station's programming itself.

We can help you and your brand find its sweet-spot. Partnering with the right station and the right feature can amplify your campaign in ways a simple commercial never could.

This can mean bespoke programming, specialist shows or even live events. To add further colour to these beyond-the-spot activities, we can also build supporting websites, social media content and digital assets with the help of our in-house creative team, Red Apple Creative.

Whatever your media needs

We can help you cut through the noise and make an impression