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Embrace the exciting new opportunities that the likes of Spotify and Deezer give you as advertisers.

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Online audio platforms like Spotify and Deezer have changed the way we listen to music. They've also given advertisers a new way to speak to their audience in a space they know they'll be almost every day.

The campaign possibilities are huge, with combinations of audio and digital assets proving to be the most effective for brands across a variety of sectors.

Spotify especially presents a great opportunity for advertisers, with the scope for bombastic 3D audio spots and dynamic campaigns that evolve based on the listener.

Our partners at Red Apple Creative are the recommended creative team for all Spotify advertisers, giving you unparalleled understanding and innovation on the platform.

Digital Audio Planning

Digital audio is immensely targeted, flexible and measurable, which makes it a great opportunity for brands. Users can listen, share and discover on the move and across devices.

That means we can learn a lot about their behaviour and tailor your brand's messages to become conversations in a context that resonates with them, authentically.

Your audience are highly engaged, meaning that very specific targeting of age, gender, location, time of day or musical genre (to name just a few) can have real cut-through, with very little wastage.

We have experience producing digital audio commercials, branded content, homepage takeovers and much more.

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