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Programmatic and dynamic

Embrace the brave new world with automated audio spots and personalised campaigns that react to their listeners.

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The shape of the future

Technology is a wonderful thing. The modern world of radio and digital advertising allows you to be more targeted than ever, with creative campaign work that learns and evolves in line with who's listening.

We can make work that knows not only who you are, but also where you are, what time of day it is, what the weather's doing, and even what else you've heard that day.

And this whole process can be set up in advance, loaded online, so it's no more work for you than a traditional campaign. But what's good hard data without a human touch? We still believe in always using real human voices, and writing campaign work that's just as rich and emotional as a traditional one-off spot.

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Programmatic audio

So what is programmatic? Put simply, when we talk about programmatic we mean the automated buying and selling of media.

We use a programmatic buying platform that can automatically find where your audience is listening, and then serve them your bespoke ad - targeted to their age, location, gender, behaviour, and so on - across multiple channels.

And we can do all of this because of glorious data. First party data from website log-ins, but then also secondary information that helps us define your audience's interests and wider behaviour.

The other main benefit of programmatic for you is tracking, because we can follow a listener's journey from audio to website, and beyond.

We can even break down your results by age, gender, social grade and purchase behaviour. This gives you overall better performance because it allows us to learn on-the-go and constantly optimise your creative to be even more effective.

Dynamic audio

The audio ads that you hear on your favourite music streaming service, digital radio station or podcast service can now be personalised with data about every listener in real-time as the ad's played.

And what we know about a listener can change the creative they hear. It takes into account that data, where they are in the country, what they might be listening to, the weather in the location, as well as any data collected by the publisher that can also be implemented in the campaign.

Given that over 65% of all listening to digital audio is done via headphones, it's a brilliantly personal medium; right into your audience's mind with singular messages, not like a webpage where there can be many different commercial messages to view at once.

Sound has infinitely more power than text because it's how we express and receive the majority of our personal and emotional information throughout our lives.

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