We created a Christmas campaign as unique as one of their products.

Traditional Radio were new to advertising in the UK. But with Christmas on the horizon, they knew they needed to get a foot in the lucrative festive gift-buying market. Their challenge to us was to introduce the brand to the radio-listening public and then direct them online to order personalised gifts for their friends and loved ones at Christmas.


Zazzle’s true point of difference is the sheer breadth of customisable products on offer, from mobile phone covers to greeting cards, pillow cases and more. And in an increasingly over-crowded marketplace, that’s a huge stand-out. We knew that if we were going to maximise website traffic - and ultimately boost sales - then we needed the creative idea to express the uniqueness of these customisable gifts.

The result was an audio ad made with as much love as a Zazzle customised gift; unique, madcap, and perfect for the recipient.


“We were thrilled with our creative and quirky Christmas ad from Red Apple Creative. It introduced thousands of listeners to the Zazzle Marketplace, and we had a bumper holiday season!”

Matilda Gollon, Marketing Manager, Zazzle