We built a new campaign around a Big Idea to revolutionise the call management sector.

Traditional Radio
The EReceptionist team are long-term clients of ours, strongly believing in the power of radio. EReceptionist came to us to help them raise awareness of their call management system, and cut through in an increasingly crowded market place. Their service is reliable, flexible and very cost-efficient. Perfect for small business owners around the UK. Our challenge was to relaunch their brand in an engaging, memorable way across radio and digital audio, in London and beyond.


We identified the client’s core audience through research and planning systems, and designed a media schedule around radio stations with strong B2B audiences.

EReceptionist’s commercials were then taken off air for six weeks while we developed new creative.

Our creative team at Red Apple Creative produced a new campaign concept that works across audio platforms, social media and digital. It’s based on the core truth that small business owners find it impossible to switch off, constantly worried about missing a phone call or new business opportunity. They called this FOMOB - Fear Of Missing Out on Business.


“We took a break from radio advertising for a month before coming back with some new creative, and overall we saw new site visitors fall by almost a quarter on the month we were off air. It then recovered significantly when we went back on air. That’s the power of a good radio campaign!”

  • Senior Marketing Manager, eReceptionist