Chrysalis Courses

We worked backwards to show potential counselors they already had what it takes to succeed.

Chrysalis Courses
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Chrysalis Courses are the largest recognised and accredited counselling trainer in the UK. They came to us with a brief for a direct response campaign pushing immediate sign-ups to their new courses. Our challenge was to make people aware that they could become an accredited counsellor by 2020, and that if they wanted that, they had to sign up for the course immediately.


To create urgency for sign ups to the courses, our team at Red Apple Creative wrote a concept that works as a reserve timeline. By starting with the idea that listeners had already succeeded, two years in the future, they were able to visualise the incremental steps needed to get where they wanted to be.

This proved to be a very motivating factor, boosting listeners’ confidence and encouraging them to act on their desire.

Chrysalis Courses saw an immediate uplift in enquiries for their courses, and also an uplift in completed registrations.


“Fantastic result, we have seen an increase in website traffic and completed application forms!”

  • Marketing Director