Soundbites: The Week in Audio - 14.06.19

This week, there are further shifts in how we consume radio, an announcement of some exciting new audio content, and the biggest brand rankings have a new champ.

Global have announced they will direct listeners to their own app rather than RadioPlayer. All their stations are still available via RadioPlayer, but this now matches the marketing strategies of both Bauer and the BBC.

Find out more here.

Although streaming apps are increasing in popularity, DAB radio is still going strong with further rises in sales of receivers around the world.

Check out the figures here.

The Audio Content Fund is a UK Government initiative to support a more diverse range of producers and content for commercial and community radio. They’ve just announced the first nine projects to receive a combined total of almost a quarter of a million pounds.

See what’s coming up here.

Apple and Google have been in a two horse race over the last 12 years to be the world’s most valuable brand, but in a recent assessment Amazon has romped into the lead with massive year on year growth.

Marvel at the mind-boggling stats here.

Our friends at SNK Studios recently worked on the trailer for ‘Consequences’ - a bold and daring movie from Slovenia.

Check it out here.

BY: Steve Huthwaite