Soundbites: The Week in Audio - 10.05.19

This week, we hear about the warm heritage of radio, how exciting new formations are pushing the boundaries and much more.

Radio remains Europe’s most trusted medium

Latest research from the European Commission has concluded that radio is still seen as the most trusted medium in Europe. It scored higher than any other media in 24 out of the 33 countries surveyed.

The 2018 study found that radio was trusted by 59% of the population on average; compared to 50% for TV and 47% for press.

It also reported that the gap between the levels of trust in traditional media and new (unregulated) online platforms has grown in recent years.

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Acast launches Acast Access

Podcast publishers Acast are launching a new way for creators to monetise their podcasts by putting them behind a paywall.

Up until now, podcasts have been distributed via RSS feeds that can be accessed by any podcast player. But now with Acast Access, creators and showrunners should be able to create versions of their podcasts that are only available to subscribers, but are still accessible from any app.

This presents an interesting opportunity to make some content public, and other content restricted; bonus content, extra episodes, early releases and the like.

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Broadcasters unite for Mental Health Minute

Commercial radio and the BBC are uniting again to broadcast a one-minute message of support for mental health awareness. The Mental Health Minute will once again feature internationally known voices and run across all national networks, as well as smaller local and community stations, together with BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, and 5 Live.

The 2019 Mental Health Minute will air simultaneously on May 13 at 10:59am and will focus on the value of listening and the positive role it can play on our mental health.

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Radiocentre trials clearance advice service for digital audio ads

Radiocentre is trialling a new clearing advice service which aims to help brands navigate the complicated world of digital audio advertising.

The industry body for commercial radio will look at compliance of ads running on digital advertising platforms run by commercial radio operators, including streamed pre-rolls, Global’s DAX platform and Bauer’s InStream service.

The Radiocentre unit will run for six months to give member stations and subscribers the chance to submit draft ad scripts for these platforms. The advice for the service will come from the CAP Code rather than the broadcast-specific BCAP Code.

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Highlight of the Week: This Paranormal Life

This week, our very own Kit Grier (Junior Audiobook Editor, Red Apple Audiobooks), and his podcast - This Paranormal Life, have been nominated for The Entertainment Award at The British Podcast Awards. Read more about the show, and his competition here, and you can check out the podcast for yourself here.

BY: Gavin Finney