Soundbites: The Week in Audio - 08.03.19

This week’s blog takes a look at the JACK Radio’s latest series in celebration of IWD 2019, Global’s new Country music station, a look at the battle for the podcast space and some terrific news coming out of our Audiobook department.

In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2019, JACK Radio are launching ‘Inspirational Women’ - a series of segments that showcase stories about women.

The series will focus on 12 women who have changed the women through their work including Florence Nightingale, Michelle Obama, Rosa Parks and Jane Austen.

After IWD, the series will become a recurring feature on JACK Radio, allowing listeners to hear more about inspirational women on a daily basis.

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Global has just launched a country music station from Smooth Radio.

Smooth Country has just appeared on the Global Player app, and online via the Smooth Radio website.

The new service plays “the most relaxing country songs” and is part of the “playlists” section in the Global Player. It features the same jingles and voice-overs as the main service.

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In the great podcast space race, who comes out on top, Apple or Spotify?

Spotify’s expansion into new markets is accelerating, and with that has come massive growth in audience worldwide. That growth is so fast, that it looks like the platform may unseat Apple from its decade-long perch at the top of the podcast throne.

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Radio Audio Week is a collaboration between Radiocentre and The Radio Academy where organisations from across the radio and audio industries are joining forces for the second year running to celebrate the audio revolution.

Radio Audio Week 2019 will take place from the 13th - 18th May, consisting of a series of events including conferences, seminars, awards and networking sessions from the IPA, IAB UK and more.

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Highlight: Red Apple Audiobooks Win an Audie Award!

We have some very exciting news this week. Our amazing audiobooks department, Red Apple Audiobooks, have won their first Audie Award!

Each year the Audio Publishers Association honor the best titles in audio publishing, including audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment.

The winning audiobook is titled: The Secret of Nightingale Wood, written and read by Lucy Strange.

If you are interested in working with our award-winning audiobook team, you can contact them at

BY: Niall Killeney Taylor