Soundbites: The Week in Audio - 11.01.19

Happy Friday! This week’s blog covers the new weekend presenters on KISS, the launch of a new national radio brand from Bauer and the unveiling of S2 of a podcast produced by us!

Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely, members of the dance group, Diversity (2009 X Factor winners), join KISS as new presenters on the weekends. From 7 - 11pm every Sunday, the pair will share their own take on the world and what people are talking about with listeners.

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Spotify have begun testing a new type of advertisement in Discover Weekly, which will allow a brand to ‘sponsor’ this personalised playlist. Spotify think this will raise interest among advertisers because it allows users to “own the personalized listening experience” on Spotify.

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Radio City 2 re-launched this week into a new national radio brand called Greatest Hits Radio and is now available on 105.9FM in Liverpool.

Following the introduction of Hits Radio last year, Greatest Hits Radio has been named Hits Radio's ‘older sister’, to target an audience of 40 - 59 year olds with music by artists like Blondie, Madonna and Elton John.

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Dynamic duo, Katie Norris & Sinead Parker were back in the studio this Tuesday to begin recording series two of Norris & Parker's Sketch Therapy podcast!

In season two, you can be sure to hear the same hilarious (unfiltered) chat between Sinead and Katie, as they overshare on all aspects of their lives. As well as a whole host of new comedy sketches and characters, the series will also feature interviews from some the UK’s biggest and brightest new comedy stars.

Listen to series one of the Sketch Therapy podcast here, and if you're interested in podcast ideation, scripting and production, please get in touch with us

BY: Aishah Amodu