Soundbites: The Week in Audio - 26.10.18

In this week’s blog, we talk about all things RAJAR, the new all-female JACK radio station, Adobe’s partnership with A Million Ads, Alexa’s next move, and Red Apple Creative’s immersive Spotify ad for the new 'A Star Is Born' movie.

In our office here at Red Apple Advertising, we have a calendar on the wall with four days circled in red. They are the quarterly RAJAR results release dates, and we look forward to nothing more! This RAJAR day brought good news for everyone reading this blog because it revealed a staggering 89% of the UK population tune into radio every week! Read more of our RAJAR blog here.


JACK UK launched an all-female radio station earlier this week. JACK Radio began playing 100% female artists and in 2019, the station will also feature content from women’s sports and female comedians.

Belinda Doyle, from the station’s programming team, said: “JACK Radio is going to offer a blend of incredible music, the likes of which have never been heard anywhere else in the world, ever before. And it just so happens that it’s going to be all women!”

Find out more about the new station here.


Amazon Alexa could be expanding from your home into your headphones, thanks to a new partnership between Amazon and Qualcomm. In the not too distant future, Bluetooth headphone manufacturers will be able to add custom microchips into their devices which enable them to pair with a phone enabled with Amazon Alexa. You’ll then be able to strike up a chat with her by simply tapping a button.

All your questions about the announcement are (probably) answered here.


Highlight of the Week:

Our very own in-house creative team, Red Apple Creative, hit the headlines this week alongside Spotify and Warner Bros, for the cutting edge techniques they used in the campaign for the new Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga movie; A Star Is Born. Red Apple Creative are specialists in immersive audio (also known as 3D audio), which surrounds the listener’s headspace and immerses them in an audio story.

Read more about the groundbreaking immersive spot here.

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BY: Catherine Brinkworth, Creative