Soundbites: The Week in Audio - 25.05.18

This week’s blog, takes a look back to the 70s, Local Radio Day’s political backing, the ARIAS Awards, plus much more.

A big endorsement for Local Radio Day (now in its third year) was announced this week and Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Matt Hancock, commended the initiative. Local Radio Day is to be celebrated this Friday the 25th May by more than 100 local radio stations from across the UK. The day itself, is a celebration of the engagement local radio has with the people, communities and areas all over the UK.

Click here to find out more about Local Radio day.


The Audio & Radio Industry Awards [ARIAS] are about recognising the talented individuals and teams in the UK audio and radio sector. So who better to host this years ARIAS Awards than… Melvin Odoom and Pandora Christie from Kiss! Sure it’s not the Jimmy Kimmel’s or Graham Nortons of this world, but these are two successful hosts are currently representing the fantastic teams behind award winning radio. So good luck to them and we can’t wait to find out the results.

To learn more about this years hosts and the awards ceremony itself, click here.


The 1970’s have given us so many wonderful memories, NASA’s Apollo 13 mission returning to earth, Disney World Resort opening its doors for the first time and of course, how can anyone forget, the invention of email. So keeping the 70’s in our mind, let’s segway to the news that Absolute Radio 70s will switch to being an online-only station this week, following the closure of its traditional radio outlets. According to an announcement made by the station on 23rd May 2018, Absolute Radio 70s signal on DAB in London and via satellite will close.

Click here to learn more on Absolute Radio 70s new life online.


The tides are turning in the North East of Scotland this week, with the news of Aberdeen’s Original 106 requesting a format change. The Aberdeen-based station wants to remove its obligation to play adult-orientated album tracks, classic rock and predominantly non-contemporary pop/rock hits and instead become a locally focused, broad music and information station.

Click here to read more on Original 106’s request and future plans.


Highlight of the Week:

This week’s highlight comes in the form of an old feature. Many may remember our weekly podcast "Pick of the Week" segment with the British Podcast Awards last week. We thought it would be fitting to provide a recommendation for some bank holiday weekend listening.

So, this week, we would like to showcase a podcast that is as captivating as it is exciting: Dear Franklin Jones.

Producer Jonathan Hirsch had a childhood much like any other - except his family had a secret. They were followers of a controversial spiritual leader named Franklin Jones. To Jonathan’s parents, Franklin Jones was a god, but to people outside the group, Jones was a cult leader. Now, Jonathan has created this fascinating and insightful podcast to help him go back and try to find out what happened - and whether the group really did become a cult.

You can listen to Dear Franklin Jones here or wherever you listen to your podcasts.


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BY: Niall Killeney Taylor