Soundbites: The Week in Audio - 09.02.18

This week’s blog looks at the RAJAR Q4 results, Gogglebox duo’s new path in talkRADIO, an ex-footballer getting behind the mic and our podcast pick of the week plus much more.

It was a late night for many on Wednesday night, as the results of RAJAR Q4 were released. And what a day for radio listening in the UK it was. We’ve crossed the X’s and circled the O’s and put together a breakdown of the need to know results.

Click here to read our rundown of the RAJAR Q4 results.


It’s ‘from the sofa to the studio’ for Gogglebox standouts Steph and Dom Parker. talkRADIO have announced that the duo have joined the digital station and are to take over the 10am-1pm weekend slot. It’s the couple’s first radio show, with Wireless Group promising it will be “…a hilarious take on some of the quirkiest stories in the news and what made the pair, gawp, giggle and grumble over the past week.”

Click here to learn more on Steph and Dom’s new show.


Absolute Radio threatens AM service shutdown. The Bauer station wants to reduce its medium wave coverage across the UK from 90% to 85%. Could this be a trend we see more of in the coming months as more and more stations are opting for digital services? They have stated that continuing to provide 90% population coverage is no longer ‘reasonably practicable’ and if permission was denied, it could mean an entire shut down of the AM network.

Learn more Absolute Radios two step plan here.


The once famed ‘Hard Man’ of the football field is set to take a seat behind the mic. talkSPORT have announced that Vinnie Jones is to trot out alongside Alan Brazil on the talkSPORT breakfast show each Monday morning live from LA. The new weekly segment will see Vinnie give his views and unique take on the weekend’s games and a look ahead to the big clashes of the week with Alan and co-host Joey Barton.

Read more on Vinnie's new position here.


Podcast of the Week:

This week’s Podcast Pick of the Week is ‘We Exist’.

We Exist, is a new podcast brought to us by the Women's Equality Party. The podcast focuses on giving a voice and a platform to women involved with the ongoing movement for female equality and taking a look back at the steps made by the women involved along the journey.

The opening episode sets out to mark the centenary of the representation of the people's act that gave the partial vote to women and poses the question, ‘What does resistance look like 100 years on from the Suffragettes?’

The podcast is not only extremely informative and important in this current social climate but is also very entertaining as it hosted by Liv Little, editor in chief of Gal-dem and boasts wonderful guests such as Sophie Duker, Comedian and Helen Pankhurst, Women’s Rights Activist.

Listen to We Exist here.


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BY: Niall Killeney Taylor