Soundbites: The Week in Audio - 05.01.18

Happy New Year! After a relaxing and enjoyable festive break, the Soundbites Blog is back with a bang in 2018! This week’s blog looks at Bauer Media’s Cash for Kids, the missing DAB station, a new host of a Bauer breakfast show plus much more.

One thing that this blog will be carrying over from 2017 is the frequent news of Breakfast Show takeovers. This week, we see Andy Crane taking over breakfast on Bauer’s City 2 network. He is, of course, replacing Sean Goldsmith, who is now on the late show.

Find out more on the new breakfast show here.


Many may have noticed a missing station on their DAB list in recent weeks. That’s because Connect FM have to decided to leave DAB due to price increases.

The station, owned by Adventure Radio, has been on DAB for five years, having been a launch partner when the Northampton multiplex launched in 2013. But have up and vanished due to a “very substantial price increase”.

Read more on Connect FM recent activity here.


The Sun Newspaper is making strides in growing its radio presence on the DAB airwaves. This week saw The Sun launch three new stations on DAB in Scotland. The new online channels includes Scottish Sun Hits, Scottish Sun 80s and Scottish Sun Greatest Hits.

Click here to read more what to expect from Scotland's new stations.


To kick 2018 off with a story of charitable goodwill, Bauer Media’s Cash for Kids raises a whopping £25 million in 2017.

The organisation supported over 625,375 sick and underprivileged children in local communities across the UK in the previous 12 months. Teams operate in 22 locations across the UK with every penny raised staying in the community within which it was raised across England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Read more about Bauer Media’s Charity ‘Cash For Kids’ here.


Podcast of the Week:

This week’s Podcast Pick of the Week comes courtesy of Radio Results' very own Global Director: he has chosen the 5live panel show podcast, Talk.

With those not acquainted with the hit show, Fighting Talk is a sports-based panel game in which guests debate the biggest sporting issues of the week.

Each show features a range of guests from different sports being asked to debate a range of topical issues. Points are awarded for informed comment, wit and passion but taken away for ridiculous comments and answers lacking in conviction. If we've made that sound a little complicated, trust us, its not. Plus it's more about the hilarious interaction between host and guests that makes this show a must subscribe.

If you don’t believe us, we urge you to listen to the latest episode hosted by Colin Murray and his guests: Tom Davis, Kelly Cates, Ellis James, John Charles and Steve Bunce.

Click here to listen.


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BY: Niall Killeney Taylor