Soundbites: The Week in Audio - 13.10.17

This week’s blog looks at presenters crossing borders, a new '80s throwback on the airwaves, a Classic FM calamity and much more.

The first news story that perked our interests is that of Ray Rose, as he is to be handed the mantle of hosting his own '80s show on a certain collection of Wireless Group locals. Signal 2, Pulse 2 and Swansea Sound are coming together each weekday evening from October 9 for three hours of '80s music, where Rose will be in the driving seat. Ray Rose said: The show will play the biggest hits of this great decade of music and will also unearth some hidden 80s treasures. Step back in time with me to relive everything from the soothing melodies of A-ha to the one hit wonders of Rick Astley in this defining era of music. I’m so Excited, we’ll be Going Back to our Roots and by the end of it you’ll be Walking Like an Egyptian!”

Read more about Rays '80s evenings here.


A common occurrence here on this blog is the constant shape shifting of presenters between stations.

So as tradition, we bring you the news that Josh Andrews is crossing the Severn river as he makes his way from Heart South West for Capital South Wales. The presenter/producer tweeted the news on Monday, saying he would be leaving Heart at the end of October after five years. He’ll be hosting Capital South Wales drive with Kally Davies each week day.

Read what Josh Andrew has to say here.


BBC Radio 5 live presenter Emma Barnett and LBC’s Nick Ferrari are set to host a new evening news programme.

ITV’s new show will be called 'After the News' – so you can probably guess when it will be airing. It's said that the pair will front the topical programme after the 10pm news bulletin, which will begin this week. Emma and Nick will be joined by high-profile guests with passionately-held and differing views to discuss some of Britain’s main talking points.

Read more on After The News here.


And finally we bring you a story that, well, the headline tells you all you need to know: “Church organist fell asleep at the wheel after switching radio to Classic FM”. *Spoilers* No one was hurt, only a church organist's ambitions.

Read more about Ms Bryant's story here.


Podcast of the Week:

This week's pick of the week is for those who like many, long for a chance to speak another language and the ability to converse with the locals when you make your next trip abroad. I mean you can always stick to the persistent tactic of speaking louder and slower while making a vast amount of unclear hand signals. Alternatively, you can spend 20-30 minutes listening and engaging with the podcast Coffee Break Learning from Radiolingua. The podcast has multiple languages to choose from including French, Spanish, Italian and the list goes on.

A member of the Radio Results team is currently on her way to blending into the Florence cobbled street coffee houses, as she is listening to Coffee Break Italian, for her upcoming trip to Italian hillsides.

Click here to listen and learn.


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BY: Niall Killeney Taylor