Soundbites: The Week in Audio - 14.07.17

This week it’s been announced that Dave Berry is getting in the driving seat of Absolute’s, home time show, while KISS Fresh goes national. Plus futuristic developments in podcast advertising and voice activation, and Sony and Spotify strike a deal.

Dave Berry is to host Drive on Absolute Radio. His first show will be on Monday 2nd October from 4pm till 7pm. Talking about his new show at Bauer, Dave said: Absolute Radio is a great fit for me. I’m a lover of all things music and comedy and I am really looking forward to getting to work on building a brand new show.

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KISS Fresh has joined KISS’s national line up on DAB. Previously a London-only station, KISS Fresh specialises in new dance, house, hip hop and RnB, offering a bigger point of difference from KISS FM. The station will play only new tracks from 7pm each day, followed by specialist programmes from 11pm.

The changes began on Monday 10th July 2017, and mean that along with KISSTORY, KISS now comprises three national stations.

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Radioplayer, the radio platform boasting access to over 500 UK stations, has unveiled its brand new interfaces for the Sonos home sound system, Amazon Echo and Google’s Chromecast. Radioplayer MD Michael Hill said: "There’s a huge opportunity for radio in Smart Speakers, so we’ve made them one of our top three strategic priorities, alongside Car Radios and Radio Apps for mobile and web".

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New guidelines have been released by the IAB to help guide podcast advertising towards being that bit more measurable. The guidelines, updated from their last incarnation in September, include definitions and best practices for measuring audience reach and downloads in a podcasting industry predicted to surpass $220 million in ad revenue this year.

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Sony Music Entertainment has reached a licensing agreement with Spotify, according to Billboard. The deal followed Spotify’s multi-year licensing agreement with Universal Music Group announced in April, all as the streaming service continues to prepare to go public. The details of the deal have remained under wraps though, and both Spotify and Sony Music have declined to comment on them.

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BY: Niall Killeney Taylor