Soundbites: The Week in Audio - 02.06.2017


This week was a good week for radio, as it beat TV to be named the channel most capable of building and amplifying brand fame in the final session of Media360, the annual industry-led gathering of media professionals. In a tight contest, Lucy Barrett, Radiocentre’s Client Director, impressed attendees with a pitch in which she discussed how radio enables advertisers to “break the fourth wall” with branded content.

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Staying with Radiocentre, Siobhan Kenny, CEO of Radiocentre attended the Association of European Radios Conference at the European Parliament in Brussels, to pitch for online content regulation. Kenny told attendees: "As technology has transformed our lives at breakneck speed over the last decade, we have joyously embraced change and rightly celebrated the big technology companies behind it. That has all happened so quickly that only now some of the broader ramifications are emerging. These are big questions for everyone, but especially for media owners, content producers and Governments".

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On the streaming side of things, Spotify have introduced Spotify Codes, a brand new way for users to share any track, artist, album or playlist available on Spotify. To use them, you simply scan a code on your friend’s phone to follow his or her party playlist and share your Spotify profile on your social channels. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot and import a code posted by your favourite artist to hear their latest single. You can also scan a Spotify Code printed on a flyer, poster or billboard.This is an innovative and exciting new way for artists, labels and brands to engage with fans through Spotify, and they are currently being rolled out to all users on both Android and iOS globally.

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And finally, former Heart PD Francis Currie has been appointed as Group Content Director – Music Radio at Wireless Group, reporting to Chief Executive Scott Taunton. Francis Currie will oversee programming strategy at Virgin Radio and support the programming of local music radio stations in the UK and Ireland.

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BY: Niall Killeney Taylor